Harbinger's Rock

Chapter 10

Game 8

You can listen to the podcast of this episode here.

Building – Hammer Lord Quinn

Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn worked with Vox Jenkins to have propaganda posters made for the upcomming elections. The following posters were created and 200 copies of each poster were printed.

Hammer Lord Quinn left Vox with the posters and return to Philip Lawson’s office to discuss the pending withdraw of Duke Sigismund Frost the First Speaker and the companies that maintain lifesupport to the station. With help from Avin Tevison, the Hammer Lord was able to scrape together the resources to replace the lifesupport equiment. Calling on his Hammer contacts, we was able to find the required men to run the lifesupport systems. However, the the Hammer Lord’s replacements will not be up and running until approximately 2 weeks after the Darikahn companies take life support offline.

Conflict – Vox and Nicholas

Later, Vox went to speak with Nicholas to persuade him to get his job back. Vox enlisted help from the Hammer Lord, Tevison, and Duke Frost who have all agreed to help Nicholas regain his position as CEO. Nicholas agrees to do whatever is necessary to help the company as long as it benefits and the rank and file are not hurt. Duke Frost has agreed to keep the life support online pending Nicholas’ bid…

Color Scene – Avin

During a conversation with Zaou, we learn that Avin still supports Dennis Lawson.

Building Scene – Avin

Avin begins planning a smuggling operation to start shipping squad assault weapons to the Kerrn. Unfortunately, Avin loses the shipment.

Building – Talos

Talos begins hacking information from the Harbinger Security Network:

  • He wants to dig up whatever information he can on the candidate running against Vox in the upcoming elections. Talos quickly discovers that Vox’s opponent’s name is Shezrah Torr and he is a problematic drug user. The problem is that his supplier is Avin Tevison!
  • Talos successfully finds several documents indicating that Dennis Lawson has been blackmailing other members of the Council.
  • Lastly, Talos successfully forages records implicating Lawson as Torr’s drug supplier instead of Avin.

Color Scene – Vox

Kerrn mining teams flood the loading platform where the off-world shuttles are loading to take the workers home. We see an elderly Vox Jenkins handing out campaign pamphlets and buttons amidst the bustling of the large, muscular Kerrn.



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