Harbinger's Rock

Chapter 11

Game 9

Maneuver 3

This game marks the start of maneuver 3. The players have decided to use the Flak option for this maneuver. Our Defense (60% of the die pool) will be to get Vox elected. Our offense (40% remaining die pool) will be to remove Lawson as the CEO of Prime Corp.

The GM decided to use Gambit for this maneuver. The Vaylen want to want to start importing Naiven onto Prime One.

Color – Talos

Talos prepared a packet of documents proving Vox’s opponent Shezrah Torr has a substance abuse problem, and his habit is being supplied by Lawson. Talos sends the documents to Torr with a note that he will receive a visitor.

Interstitial – Talos

Talos contacted Avin and advised him that the package had been delivered, and they discussed their options. They also reached out to Vox to have a palaver.

Building – Duke Frost

Talos’ delivery unknown to him, Frost approched Torr and sensed that he is worried about something. Frost advised Torr that the Duke represents several “interests” who feel that Vox should be the leader of the Kerrn. To that end, Torr should gracefully drop out of the race for Governor, for the good of his kinfolk. Frost assures Torr that he will still have a seat at the table and Vox’s ear in matters martial. Torr, shaken by Talos’ packet, agrees to step down without much debate. Torr tells Frost he will make his concession speech the following meridian.

As soon as Frost left Torr’s presence, he contacted Vox telepahically and relayed the news of Torr’s decision to step down. Frost also tells Vox about the agreement that Torr will be accepted into the new government as an advisor. Vox, in turn, told Avin and Talos of the good news.

Color – Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn

Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn is seen pouring over the terminal in his office researching security upgrades for the equipment currently used on the station. He finds a firmware update that would add the ability to detect Optic Nerve Hulling and just as he’s about to purchase the update, his personal calendar pops up to remind him of Coby’s birthday party. Quinn rushes to the party and greets Coby and the other children. The kids have a good time and as the party is winding down, the children reiterate that they wished Eloise could have attended. Quinn tells Coby to report to the barracks in the morning for his assigments and leaves.

Building – Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn

Quinn goes to see Avin Tevison to ask for his finacial help in securing the firmware updates for the scanners. Avin agrees on the condition that Quinn attend the next Prime Board of Directors meeting and present evidence against Philip Lawson. Quinn agrees and the upgrades are purchased. Before leaving, Quinn asks Talos for help with a personal matter. Quinn explains that one of the orphans has gone missing and he’d like Talos to work with Steven Cecil to find her using the recorded security footage. Talos agrees, on the condition that 30 hours be subtracted from his community service, and Quinn takes him to Cecil so they can begin working.

Building – Talos

Talos is able to find the security tapes of Eloise leaving the orphanage and is able to track her to the personal quarters of Philip Lawson. However, when he hacks into the live feed from Lawson’s quarters, Eloise is not to be found and everything seems fine.

Talos reports his finding back to Avin.

Building – Avin Tevison

Avin locates a maid in the employment of Lawson that likes to place racing bets with The Family. Avin offers her significant amounts of money to enter Lawson’s quarters and search for Eloise. The Maid agrees and enters the family’s dwellings and everything seems in order until she discovers a puddle of thick slime on the floor. Following the trail back to the source, the maid discovers Eloise encased in a plastic box suspended in the thick slime. The maid reported back to Avin, returned his bribe money, and immediately departed the station.

Avin reported the situation to Hammer Lord Quinn.

Building – Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn (continued)

Tension mounts on Prime One as Darikahn ships arrive. The Board calls an emergency meeting to deal with the news that Vox’s competition has withdrawn from the race. Quinn attends the board meeting with Nicholas Heratomi in tow. The board members are suprised to see Nicholas but allow him to attend. After the meetings agenda is reviewed, Quinn presents the evidence that Lawson is supplying Vox’s opponent with illegal drugs; the evidence that Eloise is captive in his personal quarters; and, reiterates that Lawson has not done anything to shore up defenses against the possible Vaylen threat and that he has endangered Prime Corp’s relationship with the Darikahn Empire. Quinn demands that Lawson immediately step down before he further damages Prime’s position.

Lawson agrees and immediately heads for his quarters. Quinn calls for a security detail to meet him at Lawson’s quarters and departs.



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