Harbinger's Rock

Chapter 12

Building Scene – Vox

The night begins with Vox filing the paper work for Kernn independence and recognition by the Merchant League that Harbinger’s Rock is a sovereign government. Duke Frost, the Hammer Lord, and Avin Tevison helped and he easily succeeded on the test. Next, Vox used persuasion (transferred telepathically from Frost) to convince the Board to re-hire Nicholas. Talos, Avin, Frost, and Gaius all lent their aid in order for Vox to persuade all 6 members of the board. Talos produced some fascinating facts; Avin lent Vox the backing of the business community; Frost made a rhetorical argument; and the Hammer Lord assisted by also persuading. At the end of the speeches, the board agreed with Vox and Nicholas was reinstated.

Finally, Vox wanted to get the Anvil Lord Diana Quinn on the players’ side. Avin gave tips to Vox on how to help persuade her… knowledge of her favorite chocolates and flowers. Mainly, Vox wanted her on our side but went specifically to have Kerrn IN the military. They began bargaining over how many Kerrn were enlisted and where they will be positioned. In the end, Vox wants Kerrn trained in the same way humans are… Anvil Training! Frost transferred persuasion to Vox while Talos helped with physical-training-wise. Diana was NOT persuaded by Vox. Although Vox got the training, it will cost 7 resources, to be paid in the next maneuver for the deal to stay in place.

Building Scene – Eunice (GM Todd)

Eunice, Lawson’s adopted daughter and the Vaylen Queen, was at the computer with Debra Nagomi waiting for shipping to come in… shipments with about 1000 naiven. Eunice hired (bribed?) Avin’s Second in command, Zhou, to smuggle the Naiven onto Prime One. She tried to hide the paperwork, but failed making the smuggling attempt more difficult. Regardless, Zhou was up to the task, and the Naiven were smuggled onto the station.

End of Maneuver 3 Disposition Roll

Vox is our Figure of note and rolls 8 die after adding persona and taking away flak. We reduced the Vaylen by 11. GM got 7. It is Players 8 to GM 12.



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