Harbinger's Rock

Chapter 6

Game 4

You can listen to a podcast of this episode here.

Interstitial – Debra Nagomi

Debra Nagomi and Anvil Lord Diana Quinn approached Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn with evidence that implicated Avin Tevison in weapons smuggling ring that is reportedly supplying the Kern with illegal weapons. Nagomi wants the Hammer Lords support in a military operation to crush the a possible Kern insurrection.

The Hammer Lord, Anvil Lord and Nagomi went to confront Avin with the evidence and to demand intelligence on where the weapons went and what has been delivered. Avin denied the allegations and his man Talos produced his own documents that shows Nagomi’s “proof” was fake. Hammer Lord Quinn presented his evidence that Avin was stealing ore from the planet but before Avin could respond Talos admitted he did that and that Avin had no knowledge of it. Hammer Lord Quinn ordered his men to take Talos into custody.

However, even after being presented with evidence that Nagomi’s information was fake, Nagomi was still pressing the issue of military action. Since the discussion had reached a standstill, Hammer Lord Quinn suggested that Nicholas Heratomi be involved as the final decision was his.

The group left Avin’s office to find Nicholas.



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