Harbinger's Rock

Chapter 7

Game 5

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Conflict – Nicholas Heratomi

With the tension in the room coming to a head, Hammer Lord Quinn asked Nicholas Heratomi for a few minutes to find an independent tech that could either verify or refute Nagomi’s claim that Avin Tevison is illegally supplying the Kern with weapons. Nicholas conceded and Hammer Lord Quinn stepped out to contact Steven Cecil. Cecil was available and Quinn gave him a quick summary of what he needed him to review.

Cecil entered Nicholas office and reviewed both Nagomi’s and Talos’ documents and pronounced Nagomi’s to be accurate.

With accuracy of Nagomi’s proof off the table, a DOW started between Nicholas and Quinn.

Nicholas wants Quinn to provide air support for an all out assault on the Kern to ferret out the leads of the resistance and to confiscate all weapons.
Quinn wants the Kern to have the right to bear arms and requires that all arms be registered.

Quinn’s first point was that the information was suspect and starting any operation with bad intelligence will lead to failure.
Quinn’s incited that history would remember Nicholas for the monster he truly is.
Quinn’s second point was that combat in close quarters is extremely dangerous and a great deal of the anvil forces may be lost.

Nicholas conceded to allow the Kern to posses weapons, but all future training and registration will be handled by the Anvils.



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