Harbinger's Rock

Chapter 9

Game 7

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Building Scene – Vox (continued)

Vox continues his research after finding the Law of Population Expanse and Ownership in Industrialized Colonies. He realizes this information will likely anger the Merchants and could put a target on his head. As a precautionary measure, Vox decides to contact his old connections at the Red Mountain Mercs to send him a bodyguard. They send Samson Jones. Not the best or brightest, but one that will do.

For his final building move, Vox calls upon the Philosopher’s Guild for guidance and suggestions for legal representation. He has valuable new data and needs the best of the best to present it to the Council. After pulling all the players resources into one massive roll, Vox and the players gather enough funds to hire Hiram, the best Lawyer money can buy.

Color Scene – Hammer Lord Quinn

Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn stops by the orphanage to see Cody. Cody is very excited because his 15th birthday is next week and he plans to joing the Hammer force and move into the barracks then. Hammer Lord Quinn has promised to throw Cody a birthday party with all his friends from the orphanage and asks Cody for the final invitation list. Cody hands the Hammer Lord the list but then takes it back to remove the name Eloise from the list. Cody explains that his friend Eloise has gone missing and no one is sure where she went. Hammer Lord Quinn promises to look into this for Cody and despite the pleas of the children for Quinn to stay and read to them, he takes his leave.

Interstitial – Hammer Lord Quinn

Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn stops in to see Ambassador Vox Jenkins. Quinn apologizes to Jenkins for not taking the Kerrn training more seriously and promises to make an amends for his slight. Quinn pledges his support to Vox in the upcoming elections and suggests that he has some ideas on how to get the campaign started. Gaius and Vox stop by the detention block to pick up Talos and head over to Avin Tevison’s offices to discuss business.

Hammer Lord Quinn offers to release Talos into Avin’s custody if Avin would agree to the following conditions.

  • Avin needs to pay back the stolen ore with interest.
  • Talso needs to serve 500 hours of community server by reading to the children in the orphanage.
  • Talso will use his computer skills to research Vox’s opponent in the upcoming election.

Avin agreed to all the points except the interest on the ore and Quinn conceded the point.

Color Scene – Talos

Talos unpacks his computer system and begins setting up shop. Plugging in cables, adjusting monitor screens, tapping away on keyboards for several hours without rest, Talos sets up his mobile command center and is quite pleased with it’s secret location: One of the forgotten storage areas in the basement of the Orphanage.

Color Scene – Duke Frost

While sitting in front of a hologram fire sipping his tea, Sigismund exchanges thoughts with Ookla. The following day at the Orphanage, Ookla peeks in the door of the nursery. Later, Ookla peeks in while holding a small doll. Eventually we find Ookla sitting on the floor playing with several children as Talos knocks out a few community hours as he reads a book to the children.

Interstitial – GM, Frost, Vox and Gaius

Frost receives an urgent call asking him to go and retrieve Vox and Gaius and meet in Nick’s office. Once everyone arrives, they see that Philip Lawson, Debra Nagomi and several other members of the Prime consortium are standing around the office. There is a large box on Nick’s desk.

Nicholas: “They need to know.”
Lawson: “They are employees. They will know when they get the memo.”
Nicholas: “Please. Do me this one last deed and inform my closest friends and allies.”
Lawson: “Based on his recent performance, Nicholas is being asked to retire.”
Frost: “Should Nick step down, where do the Kerrn stand?”

Frost wants Nick to remain in his current role, although Lawson says Frost is a welcome member of Prime, he will not be in any advisory roles in the future. A lengthy argument ensues between Lawson and Frost as Nicholas begins placing his personals in the large box on his desk.

Frost: “You WILL address me as ‘Your Grace’!”
Lawson: “Then I guess you may leave.”

Frost angrily storms out of the room.

Building Scene – Frost

Frost establishes the fact that the Darikon Empire maintains the life support systems used on the planet and in all of the space stations that orbit Harbinger. Frost informs the Darikon Secretary of State of the treachery on Harbinger. He entertains the idea of shutting down life support. The Secretary informs Frost that there will be (3) Darikon ships heading to Harbinger to take him off-world.



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