Harbinger's Rock

Chapter 8

Game 6

You can listen to a podcast of this episode here.

This episode marks that start of Maneuver two:

Players Maneuver Goal: Take Action
We attempt to take action against the Merchant Ruling Glass to legally put Harbinger’s Rock back in the hands of the Kerrn.

GM Maneuver Goal: Assess
Vaylen goals are to assess the planets defenses for Naiven insertion.

Interstitial – Duke Frost, Vox

Duke Frost visits Vox in his quarters where the two form a new telepathic connection. They discuss possible plans for moving forward:

  • Frost would like to speak with Philip Lawson since be believes Lawson can challenge Nick’s authorities.
  • Frost, believing the Kerrn to be the “heart and soul of Harbinger’s Rock”, feels that Kerrn need to be considered as more than just laborers.
  • Frost suggests Vox find a legal hold that can be presented to Lawson.

Building Scene – The Queen (GM)

The Queen begins researching the properties of Cloudium and it’s link to the psychologists. After a series of linked tests, she discovers that the Cloudium makes it easier for Vaylens to insert into hosts and also makes it harder for them to be detected. It also makes it so psychologists can be hulled and still keep their mental abilities.

Color Scene – The Queen

The Queen leaves her quarters very happy, skipping down the hall into the playroom where the other kids are having their afternoon naps. She creeps silently through the rows of sleeping children and stops at the bed of Elouse, a fair-skinned, red-headed girl. “Right age,” she mutters to herself. The queen addresses the children’s chaperone and demands Eloise gets sent to her private quarters when she wakes up.

Eloise is not seen or heard from again.

Building Scene – Vox

After a series of linked test and countless hours of extensive research, Jenkins discovers The Law of Population Expanse and Ownership in Industrialized Colonies. The law states that when the labor force makes up the majority of the population of a planet they actually become the legal citizens of the planet and are therefore entitled to governing representation in all legal and polital councils.



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