Harbinger's Rock

Chapter 1
World Burning

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World Burning Summary

Galactic Location Interior World
Atmospheric Conditions Non-Life-Supporting
Hydrology Predominantly Land
Topography Artificially Created Environs
Tech Index Low Index
Dominant Form of Government Merchant League
Predominant Military Professional Volunteer Force
Planetary Attitude Indifferent
Primary Industry Raw Materials
Level of Quarantine Advanced Quarantine
Level of Regulation Loosely Regulated


  • Imperial Bureacracy
  • Kerrn Dlazpherah
  • Organized Crime
  • Psychologist Foundation

Figures of Note

*Nicholas Heratomi
*Debra Nagomi
*Anvil Lord Diana Quinn
*Eunice Lawson

Chapter 2
Character Burning

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This will summarize the thought processes used by the players to burn up the characters.

Chapter 3
Game 1

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Color Scene – GM

A woman carrying a sleeping child steps onto the loading platform of the Prime Corporation’s space station. When asked if she needs assistance, the woman exclaims, “Shhhh! Her Highness is sleeping”

Color Scene – Duke Sigismund Frost

Duke Sigismund Frost the First Speaker sits quietly in his quarters researching key figures of note. Ookla keeps guard silently outside his quarters. Frost begins a more detailed investigation on Vox Jenkins.

Interstitial Scene – Duke Frost, Vox Jenkins

Duke Sigismund Frost the First Speaker approaches a seemingly troubled Vox Jenkins and offers to assist with Vox’s recent troubles. Vox is getting ready to meet with members of the Prime Corporation regarding the Kerrn Labor Union’s recent strike. Frost offers Vox his resources and funding in exchange for a called-upon favor sometime in the future. Vox is very skeptical but accepts Duke Frost’s com device so that he may touch base with him after his meeting.

Interstitial Scene – Deborah Nagomi, Vox Jenkins

Debra Nagomi enters the large conference room with her team of administrators. Vox Jenkins sits alone at one end of the table. After some introductory remarks, Deborah dismisses her administrative team to talk to Vox “off the record”.

Vox complains of safety concerns and claims that 1 week ago, some Kerrn miners brutally killed ahuman tug transport driver because he was a Vaylen. Vox attributes this breach of security to poor screening procedures. Vox demands better security measures because the Kerrn deserve to live in a safe environment, free of Vaylen infestation.

Deborah refuses all offers and will not negotiate. Vox asks for a small security team to screen inbound workers but Deborah will not provide this or anything else. She needs Vox to instruct his people to go back to work and if Vox wants something in return, he will “have to take it himself”. The meeting concludes with Deborah saying that she will have someone get in touch with Vox.

Conflict – Vox, Nicholas Haritomi, Duke Frost

Vox Jenkins approaches the chambers of Nicholas Heratomi. He is not helping Vox either. He explains that Prime cannot afford any more security improvements. Vox decides to use the communicator to contact Duke Sigismund Frost.

When Frost arrives, he requests to telepathically link with Vox. Vox, still skeptical, accepts the link but only for the duration of the meeting. While linking with Vox, Frost convinces Vox to:

  • Ask for a 20 year contract for all current workers
  • Ask for military programs to train Kerrn to shoot, fight and keep out of trouble
  • Ask to have Deborah’s labor automation software abolished.

Vox and Frost continue to attempt negotiations with Nicholas which leads to a Duel of Wits. Vox wins the Duel of wits with the following outcomes:

  • Combat training for Kerrn has been granted
  • Prime Corp. will reward 20 year contracts for the current Kerrn laborers.
  • The automation software will continue to be developed. They have too much invested in it.
Chapter 4
Game 2

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Color Scene – Prince Giaus Quinn

Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn finished a video conference with the Anivl Lord regarding the current Kern strike and leaves his ready room to enter the Command and Control Center. He briefs his team on the current situation planet side and informs them that if the Kern become violent, the Hammers will provide air support for the Anvil ground troups. He also authorizes “weapons hot” for the mission.

After dismissing his men, Hammer Lord Quinn sends the XO to investigate how a Vaylen made it planet side with the Hammer Captain in charge of screening.

Interstitial – Vox Jenkins

Hammer Lord Quinn had a conversation with Representative Vox about military training for the Kern. Hammer Lord Quinn agreed to train 10 Kern who would in turn train 10 Kern each.

Building Scene – Duke Frost

Duke Sigismund Frost works diligently to locate and employ the team of psychologists that will lead the teams responsible for new security screens. His results are less than satisfactory. Frost locates Psychologist Pile and puts him to work.

Interstitial – Aven, Tolos, Vox

Avin Tevison and Tolos approach Vox about the new automation software that Prime Corp. is using to replace Kerrn workers. Vox welcomes the help as Aven and Tolos agree to delay software development in exchange for some Cloudium ore. Aven and Tolos claim they can handle all security issues and cover their tracks so that Vox is not implicated.

Color Scene – Tolos

Tolos sets up his computer terminal and begins hacking Prime Corp’s network.

Chapter 5
Game 3

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Interstitial – Hammer Lord Quinn

Hammer Lord Quinn had a conversation with Nicholas Heratomi regarding the training for the Kern. Quinn is very unhappy about training and arming the Kern, but Nicholas dismisses his concerns and orders him to start the training.

Hammer Lord Quinn contacted a Hammer Trainer named Jonathan Qat to begin the training of the first 10 Kern. Quinn instructed Qat to teach the Kern several extra steps in any given exercise so that while the Kern will understand how to use the weapons, they would be an inferior fighting force to the Anvil or Hammer forces.

The Hammer Lord then proceeded to the Security Ops Center of the Prime corporation to find the head tech , Steve Cecil. Quinn proceeded to Intimidate Cecil into looking into rumors of recent hacking attempts from the Black Market. Cecil was able to locate signs that a hacker named Talos had breached security and planted a back door into the system. Talos also setup a program to siphon funds from various accounts into the account of Avin Tevison. Cecil promised to monitor the system for any more access attempts by Talos and to report them immediately.

Chapter 6
Game 4

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Interstitial – Debra Nagomi

Debra Nagomi and Anvil Lord Diana Quinn approached Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn with evidence that implicated Avin Tevison in weapons smuggling ring that is reportedly supplying the Kern with illegal weapons. Nagomi wants the Hammer Lords support in a military operation to crush the a possible Kern insurrection.

The Hammer Lord, Anvil Lord and Nagomi went to confront Avin with the evidence and to demand intelligence on where the weapons went and what has been delivered. Avin denied the allegations and his man Talos produced his own documents that shows Nagomi’s “proof” was fake. Hammer Lord Quinn presented his evidence that Avin was stealing ore from the planet but before Avin could respond Talos admitted he did that and that Avin had no knowledge of it. Hammer Lord Quinn ordered his men to take Talos into custody.

However, even after being presented with evidence that Nagomi’s information was fake, Nagomi was still pressing the issue of military action. Since the discussion had reached a standstill, Hammer Lord Quinn suggested that Nicholas Heratomi be involved as the final decision was his.

The group left Avin’s office to find Nicholas.

Chapter 7
Game 5

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Conflict – Nicholas Heratomi

With the tension in the room coming to a head, Hammer Lord Quinn asked Nicholas Heratomi for a few minutes to find an independent tech that could either verify or refute Nagomi’s claim that Avin Tevison is illegally supplying the Kern with weapons. Nicholas conceded and Hammer Lord Quinn stepped out to contact Steven Cecil. Cecil was available and Quinn gave him a quick summary of what he needed him to review.

Cecil entered Nicholas office and reviewed both Nagomi’s and Talos’ documents and pronounced Nagomi’s to be accurate.

With accuracy of Nagomi’s proof off the table, a DOW started between Nicholas and Quinn.

Nicholas wants Quinn to provide air support for an all out assault on the Kern to ferret out the leads of the resistance and to confiscate all weapons.
Quinn wants the Kern to have the right to bear arms and requires that all arms be registered.

Quinn’s first point was that the information was suspect and starting any operation with bad intelligence will lead to failure.
Quinn’s incited that history would remember Nicholas for the monster he truly is.
Quinn’s second point was that combat in close quarters is extremely dangerous and a great deal of the anvil forces may be lost.

Nicholas conceded to allow the Kern to posses weapons, but all future training and registration will be handled by the Anvils.

Chapter 8
Game 6

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This episode marks that start of Maneuver two:

Players Maneuver Goal: Take Action
We attempt to take action against the Merchant Ruling Glass to legally put Harbinger’s Rock back in the hands of the Kerrn.

GM Maneuver Goal: Assess
Vaylen goals are to assess the planets defenses for Naiven insertion.

Interstitial – Duke Frost, Vox

Duke Frost visits Vox in his quarters where the two form a new telepathic connection. They discuss possible plans for moving forward:

  • Frost would like to speak with Philip Lawson since be believes Lawson can challenge Nick’s authorities.
  • Frost, believing the Kerrn to be the “heart and soul of Harbinger’s Rock”, feels that Kerrn need to be considered as more than just laborers.
  • Frost suggests Vox find a legal hold that can be presented to Lawson.

Building Scene – The Queen (GM)

The Queen begins researching the properties of Cloudium and it’s link to the psychologists. After a series of linked tests, she discovers that the Cloudium makes it easier for Vaylens to insert into hosts and also makes it harder for them to be detected. It also makes it so psychologists can be hulled and still keep their mental abilities.

Color Scene – The Queen

The Queen leaves her quarters very happy, skipping down the hall into the playroom where the other kids are having their afternoon naps. She creeps silently through the rows of sleeping children and stops at the bed of Elouse, a fair-skinned, red-headed girl. “Right age,” she mutters to herself. The queen addresses the children’s chaperone and demands Eloise gets sent to her private quarters when she wakes up.

Eloise is not seen or heard from again.

Building Scene – Vox

After a series of linked test and countless hours of extensive research, Jenkins discovers The Law of Population Expanse and Ownership in Industrialized Colonies. The law states that when the labor force makes up the majority of the population of a planet they actually become the legal citizens of the planet and are therefore entitled to governing representation in all legal and polital councils.

Chapter 9
Game 7

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Building Scene – Vox (continued)

Vox continues his research after finding the Law of Population Expanse and Ownership in Industrialized Colonies. He realizes this information will likely anger the Merchants and could put a target on his head. As a precautionary measure, Vox decides to contact his old connections at the Red Mountain Mercs to send him a bodyguard. They send Samson Jones. Not the best or brightest, but one that will do.

For his final building move, Vox calls upon the Philosopher’s Guild for guidance and suggestions for legal representation. He has valuable new data and needs the best of the best to present it to the Council. After pulling all the players resources into one massive roll, Vox and the players gather enough funds to hire Hiram, the best Lawyer money can buy.

Color Scene – Hammer Lord Quinn

Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn stops by the orphanage to see Cody. Cody is very excited because his 15th birthday is next week and he plans to joing the Hammer force and move into the barracks then. Hammer Lord Quinn has promised to throw Cody a birthday party with all his friends from the orphanage and asks Cody for the final invitation list. Cody hands the Hammer Lord the list but then takes it back to remove the name Eloise from the list. Cody explains that his friend Eloise has gone missing and no one is sure where she went. Hammer Lord Quinn promises to look into this for Cody and despite the pleas of the children for Quinn to stay and read to them, he takes his leave.

Interstitial – Hammer Lord Quinn

Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn stops in to see Ambassador Vox Jenkins. Quinn apologizes to Jenkins for not taking the Kerrn training more seriously and promises to make an amends for his slight. Quinn pledges his support to Vox in the upcoming elections and suggests that he has some ideas on how to get the campaign started. Gaius and Vox stop by the detention block to pick up Talos and head over to Avin Tevison’s offices to discuss business.

Hammer Lord Quinn offers to release Talos into Avin’s custody if Avin would agree to the following conditions.

  • Avin needs to pay back the stolen ore with interest.
  • Talso needs to serve 500 hours of community server by reading to the children in the orphanage.
  • Talso will use his computer skills to research Vox’s opponent in the upcoming election.

Avin agreed to all the points except the interest on the ore and Quinn conceded the point.

Color Scene – Talos

Talos unpacks his computer system and begins setting up shop. Plugging in cables, adjusting monitor screens, tapping away on keyboards for several hours without rest, Talos sets up his mobile command center and is quite pleased with it’s secret location: One of the forgotten storage areas in the basement of the Orphanage.

Color Scene – Duke Frost

While sitting in front of a hologram fire sipping his tea, Sigismund exchanges thoughts with Ookla. The following day at the Orphanage, Ookla peeks in the door of the nursery. Later, Ookla peeks in while holding a small doll. Eventually we find Ookla sitting on the floor playing with several children as Talos knocks out a few community hours as he reads a book to the children.

Interstitial – GM, Frost, Vox and Gaius

Frost receives an urgent call asking him to go and retrieve Vox and Gaius and meet in Nick’s office. Once everyone arrives, they see that Philip Lawson, Debra Nagomi and several other members of the Prime consortium are standing around the office. There is a large box on Nick’s desk.

Nicholas: “They need to know.”
Lawson: “They are employees. They will know when they get the memo.”
Nicholas: “Please. Do me this one last deed and inform my closest friends and allies.”
Lawson: “Based on his recent performance, Nicholas is being asked to retire.”
Frost: “Should Nick step down, where do the Kerrn stand?”

Frost wants Nick to remain in his current role, although Lawson says Frost is a welcome member of Prime, he will not be in any advisory roles in the future. A lengthy argument ensues between Lawson and Frost as Nicholas begins placing his personals in the large box on his desk.

Frost: “You WILL address me as ‘Your Grace’!”
Lawson: “Then I guess you may leave.”

Frost angrily storms out of the room.

Building Scene – Frost

Frost establishes the fact that the Darikon Empire maintains the life support systems used on the planet and in all of the space stations that orbit Harbinger. Frost informs the Darikon Secretary of State of the treachery on Harbinger. He entertains the idea of shutting down life support. The Secretary informs Frost that there will be (3) Darikon ships heading to Harbinger to take him off-world.

Chapter 10
Game 8

You can listen to the podcast of this episode here.

Building – Hammer Lord Quinn

Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn worked with Vox Jenkins to have propaganda posters made for the upcomming elections. The following posters were created and 200 copies of each poster were printed.

Hammer Lord Quinn left Vox with the posters and return to Philip Lawson’s office to discuss the pending withdraw of Duke Sigismund Frost the First Speaker and the companies that maintain lifesupport to the station. With help from Avin Tevison, the Hammer Lord was able to scrape together the resources to replace the lifesupport equiment. Calling on his Hammer contacts, we was able to find the required men to run the lifesupport systems. However, the the Hammer Lord’s replacements will not be up and running until approximately 2 weeks after the Darikahn companies take life support offline.

Conflict – Vox and Nicholas

Later, Vox went to speak with Nicholas to persuade him to get his job back. Vox enlisted help from the Hammer Lord, Tevison, and Duke Frost who have all agreed to help Nicholas regain his position as CEO. Nicholas agrees to do whatever is necessary to help the company as long as it benefits and the rank and file are not hurt. Duke Frost has agreed to keep the life support online pending Nicholas’ bid…

Color Scene – Avin

During a conversation with Zaou, we learn that Avin still supports Dennis Lawson.

Building Scene – Avin

Avin begins planning a smuggling operation to start shipping squad assault weapons to the Kerrn. Unfortunately, Avin loses the shipment.

Building – Talos

Talos begins hacking information from the Harbinger Security Network:

  • He wants to dig up whatever information he can on the candidate running against Vox in the upcoming elections. Talos quickly discovers that Vox’s opponent’s name is Shezrah Torr and he is a problematic drug user. The problem is that his supplier is Avin Tevison!
  • Talos successfully finds several documents indicating that Dennis Lawson has been blackmailing other members of the Council.
  • Lastly, Talos successfully forages records implicating Lawson as Torr’s drug supplier instead of Avin.

Color Scene – Vox

Kerrn mining teams flood the loading platform where the off-world shuttles are loading to take the workers home. We see an elderly Vox Jenkins handing out campaign pamphlets and buttons amidst the bustling of the large, muscular Kerrn.


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