Duke Sigismund Frost the First Speaker

Darikahn Ambassador to Harbinger's Rock, Karsan League


Lifepaths: Born to Rule; Foundation Student; Psychologist (x2); Speaker (x2); First Speaker
Age : 56

Color: 0 Interstitial: 0 Building: 000 OR Conflict: 0
Fate Persona Deeds
15 3 0
Will: 6 Perception: 6 Power: 4 Forte: 4 Agility: 3 Speed: 3
Reflexes: ___ Steel: 7 Hesitation: 1 Health: B5 Mortal Wounds: 9 Speed Mult.: ___
Circles: 4
Resources: 13
Tax: N/A
Superficial: ___ Light: ___ Midi: ___ Severe: ___ Traumatic: ___ Mortal: ___
  1. I will get close to Baron Faisal.
  2. Faisal is a Darikahn rogue, he must be controlled.
  3. I can save Ookla.
  1. Always read people before conferring with them.
  2. If threatened with physical force, force the attacker’s mind with Psychology.
  3. Always have a connection with Ookla.
Mark of Privilege [Dt] 1D Nobility (below) ; +1 Ob Inconspicuous or Falsehood as lower status.
Bright Mark [Dt] +1D Rep. Karsan, else 1D Infamous Rep. Psych powers; +1 Ob Inconspicuous.
Psychologist Code [Dt] Restricts Psychology use.
Code Breaker [Dt] 1D Infamous to Psychologists or know him.
Fearless [Dt] Reduce Hesitation by 3 (calculated above).
Eerily Confident [C-O] Reroll failed steel test tied to Belief.
Thick Skinned [Char]
Weight of the Galaxy [Dt] In a DoW where imparting seriousness, +4s to BoA.
Darikahn Loyalist [Char]
Pragmatic [Char]
Indifferent [Char] World (Harbinger’s Rock) Trait
Your Grace [Dt] Failure to use honorific incurs +3 Ob Etiquette Tests
Genius [C-O] One Non-martial, non-physical skill (Psychology)
Skills: Tests
Administration 4 R, D
Bargaining (Gen) 4
Bureaucracy 3 R
Conspicuous 4
Etiquette (Gen) 5 (R=N/A)
Inconspicuous 4
Oratory 6 (R=N/A)
Psychohistory 4 R
Psychology 6 (R=N/A)
Persuasion 6 (R=N/A)
Research 5 (R=N/A) D, D
Rhetoric 5 (R=N/A) C
Soothing Platitudes 6 (R=N/A)
Ugly Truth 6 (R=N/A)
Vaylen Philosophy 3
Observation (Gen) 3
Circle 10,000-wise 3
Foundation-wise 4
Psychologist-wise 3
Vaylen Creation-wise (Gen) 3 C
  • 1D Nobility (Mark of Privilege)
  • 3 pts Psychologist Foundation
  • 1D Infamous (to Psychologist or those who know me). (Code Breaker)
  • 1D Reputation in Karsan League (Bright Mark)
  • 1D Infamous (Bright Mark)
  • 2 pts Ambassador to the Darikahn Empire
  • Hard Tech: Personality Searchable Index and Collated History Network (PSICH Net (galaxy wide))
  • Noble’s Robe
  • Bare Fisted

Between 1st Phase and 2nd Phase there is 6 months of Downtime. He spends this working along side the Kerrn and getting to know them.
Frost the physical exercises works out to be 4 hrs/day for 3 mths (3 Difficult Tests) and 6 hrs/day for 2 mths (2 Challenging Tests) to increase his Power from 2 to 4.
He also works on forming new relationships 8 hrs/day for 6 mths. To get 1 Difficult test (he had 1 Difficult and 1 Challenging after Phase 1) to increase his Circles from a 3 to a 4.

Old Beliefs:

I will use psychology to turn Lawson to our cause and get information regarding Eunice.
Lawson must be eliminated as a threat.
I will use psychological force on Lawson to reveal Eunice’s role.
Lawson is a threat to Vox and must be eliminated.
I will convince Vox to secede from the Karsan League and join the Darikahn League.
I will buy Vox’s Loyalty by helping to pay his debt to the Anvil Lord.
I will see Vox Jenkins elected Governor of Harbinger’s Rock.
Harbinger’s Rock must be Annexed by the Darikahn Empire to strengthen its claim to the Throne.
The Kerrn are the soul of Harbinger’s Rock and they are the key to it’s annexation; win them, win the Rock.
Encourage the Kerrn, they are the best defense against the Vaylen threat.
More Psychologists mean less Vaylen, get the Foundation here!
Make myself invaluable to Forged Lord Faisal.

Old Instincts:
Always have a connection with Ookla.
Always have a connection with Vox.

Duke Sigismund Frost the First Speaker

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