Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn

Hammer Lord of Harbinger's Rock


Name: Gaius Quinn
Genetic Stock: Human
Empire: Karsan
Age: 37

Life Paths
Born To Rule, Coeptir, Armiger, Lord Pilot Anvil, Lord Pilot Hammer, Hammer Lord

Will: 4
Perception: 5
Agility: 6
Speed: 4
Power: 5
Forte: 4

Steel: 7
Resources: 7
Circles: 2
Hesitation: 6
Tax: —
Mortal Wound: 10

1d – Nobility
3d – Hammer – Well Trained crew with 5 attributes available at all times any Hammer lifepath

1d – Duke of Kalandral

Diana Quinn – Anvil Lord (Sister)


  1. Belief 1
  2. Belief 2
  3. Belief 3


  1. Never travel without security guards
  2. Always wear your Iron
  3. Shoot the worm

Human [dt]
Mark of Privilege [dt] +1d Afflilation with Nobilty. +1ob Inconspicoous/Falsehood
Anvil Trained [dt] Negates Cumbersome disadvantage for Anvil Armor
Corvus and Crucis [dt]
Iron Trained [dt]
Hammer Lord [dt]
Your Grace [dt] Grants Title. +3ob Etiquette Tests when slighted
Indifferent [char]
Formal [char]
Charismatic [c/o] Persuasion

Close Combat – 5 – Allows for Close Combat fighting with Pistols, Knives and Grenades
Assult Weapons – 4 – Used in Direct Fire and Suppressive Fire actions in Firefight
Squad Support Weapons – 3 – Used in the Direct Fire and Suppressive Fire actions in Firefight
Pilot – 2 – Pursuit and escape vs test or Advanced, Flank and Withdraw maneuvers in Firefight
Strategy – 4 – Used in the Invasion-level infection maneuvers except Assess and Conserve
Intimidation – 6 – +1d Higher Station, +1d nasty threat (weapon/bodyguard)
Tacticts – 4 – Flank, Close Combat, Advance, Direct Fire and Suppresive Fire in Firefight
Zero G – 3 – Replaces speed in zero gravity
Command – 2 – Firefight maneuvers
Physics – 2 – Study of how an object moves through space
Hammer-Wise – 2
Barganing – 2 – Used with Resource Tests or Dual of Witts over price
Etiquette – 2 – Test etiquette of lower ranked person in court for advantage in dual of witts
Persuasion – 4 – Dual of Witts

Weapon: PAc
Armor: Iron – Index 5:
Integral Targeter – +1d tactics, +1d assult weapons, +1d squad support weapons
Power Assist – +1d power, +1d speed
Shielded Comm – +1ob to signals test to gain superior comm
Massive – +8ob Inconspicous, +4 ob Infiltration test in quiet or low profile
Complex – requires Iron Trained trait
Vehicle: Hammer Assult Shuttle


Back Story

Prince Gaius Quinn is the oldest son of King Aneas Quinn and heir apparent to the throne of Kalandral.

Gaius has always struggled against his siblings to be the focus of his father’s attention. At the early age of 15, Gaius decided to enter his father’s military as a foot solder to prove himself. Serving in the 2nd Regiment, Gaius rose to the top of his squad and was selected by the Anvil Lord Robert Venan as his personal Armor Bearer. During this time, Venan encouraged Gaius to receive the Crucis implant and begin training as the captain of his personal assault sled, Rolling Thunder. After 5 year of service to Venan, Gaius was promoted to Lord Pilot Anvil of the planet crawler Multiplex Six.

Shortly after his ascension to Lord Pilot Anvil, Gaius’ younger sister Diana Quinn began making a name for herself amoung the Anvil and seemed to be raising in rank faster than Gaius did. Seeing his favor with his father fading, Gaius requested a transfer to the Hammer Ship, Rising Dawn and began serving under the Lord Hammer Victor Reno and his Lord Pilot Hammer.

After fighting on the Rising Dawn in the Great Helium War, Gaius was promoted to Lord Hammer and given control over the forces at Harbinger’s Rock.

Gaius is determined to bring operations of Harbinger’s Rock completely under his father’s rule instead of the current Merchant Guild. He hopes that this will finally win his father’s favor and ensure his succession to the thrown after his father’s passing.

Advancement History

Game 3

Circles – d5o3s5 – Found Hammer Trainer Jonathan Qat
Circles – d7o7s9 – Found Prime Security Tech – Steve Cecil
Intimidate – d7o3s5 – Intimidated Cecil into looking for hacking activity and report back

Game 5

Persuasion – d7s4 vice 3 – Pursaded Nicholas for time to allow Steven Cecil to authenticate Nagomi’s Data
Circles – d5o7s7 – Found Steven Cecil. Had him report immediately.
DOW – Pursasion d9s11 vice 7 – Data is suspect.
DOW – Intimidate d11o6s4 – You will be a monster if you attack without cause
DOW – Persuasion d9s6 – Close Quarter Combat is dangeous. You’ll lose alot of Anvil forces.

Infaltration – d9s1 – Human -2

Game 7

Resources – d7o14 – helping dice

Game 8

Resource – d8o1s4 – Had propaganda posters made. Paid tech to keep quite.
Resource – d19o8s1 – To get equipement to keep station running.
Circles – d6o7s7 – To get men to keep station running.
Persuasion – d4o6 – Helping Die for Vox

Game 9

Resource – d19o8s1 – To purchase upgrades for scanners to detect optic nerve hulling.
Circles – s4o1s2 – To find Steven Cecil.
Intimidate – d8o6s6 – Force Lawson to step down as CEO of Prime.

Game 10

Persuasion – d4o3 – Helping dice for Vox’s Declaration
Persuasion – d4o6 – Helping dice to get Nicholas back on Prime Board of Directors
Persuasion – Routine – Helping dice to get improve Kern training to Anvil Level.

Hammer Lord Gaius Quinn

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