Vox Jenkins

Harbinger's #1 Kerrn and Leader of the Kerrn Labor Union


Lifepaths: Born Kerrn (Diazspherah), Solzjah, Murk, Yusheva, Teacha, Piilosihver

Age : 37
Fate: 1
Persona: 2

Will: 6 Perception: 3 Power: 5 Forte: 5 Agility: 4 Speed: 4

Reflexes: 3 Steel: 5 Hesitation: 4 Health: B5 Tax: N/A
Mortal Wounds: 11 Circles: 3 Resources: 5 Speed Mult.: ___

Superficial: ___ Light: ___ Midi: ___ Severe: ___ Traumatic: ___ Mortal: ___


  1. I will protect the Kern Labor Force’s best interests
  2. The Workforce deserve to work in safe, Vaylen-free environment
  3. I am always skeptical of foreign political interests in regards to my brethren


  • If Workers are threatened, I will never hesitate to strike.
  • I will always seek guidance from the Philosopher’s Guild

Gentle Giant [Char]
Dedicated [Char]
Deep Thinker [Char]
Kerrn Accent [Char]
Not Easy Being Green [Char]
Unbridled Hatred [Char]
Indifferent [Char] World (Harbinger’s Rock) Trait
I, Solzjah [Dt] Free 1D affiliation with other Kerrn who have this trait
No-Nonsense [Dt] +2S to body of argument when opposition or compatriots don’t take me seriously
Hard-Hearted [Dt] +4 successes body of argument hen opponent is weaseling out of obligations
Rapier Whit [Dt] +2D to next verbal action if I inject a searing “bon mot” while opponent speaks
Bioengineered Organism [Dt] Scene’s worth of actions in vacuum conditions
Massive Stature [Dt] Power, Forte, Speed max at 7. Agility and Speed may not be > Power, Forte
Super-Mutated IgF [Dt] +3D to resist hulling. It is Ob 5 test o resist effects of Naiven and defeat the worm’s own natural defenses. If won, the Naiven is killed. If lost, Kerrn is taken.
Determined [C-O] Re-roll any one skill/stat/attribute test associated with a belief 1x/phase

Human-Wise: 1
Soldiering: 2
Intimidation: 3
Advanced Math: 1
Instruction: 3
Ugly Truth: 4
Assault Weapons: 3
Conflict-Wise: 3
Bargaining: 4
Philosophy: 4
Government-Wise: 2
Oratory: 4
Bureaucracy: 3
Law (Imperial): 2

I, Solzjah: 1D to any Kerrn with this trait (free)
Kerrn Philosopher’s Guild: 2 pts.
Red Mountain Mercenaries: 1 pt.

Harbinger’s #1 Kerrn: 3 pts.


  • (Figure of Note) (free) Nicholas Haratomi, Head of Prime
  • (Figure of Note-Opposite Side) 1 pt Deborah Nagomi




Vox Jenkins

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