Zhou Ban McGee

Pilot, Smuggler, Fighter and First Son of the Tevison Family


Age: 32
Stats: Wi: 5, Pe: 4, Po: 5, Fo: 4, Ag: 4, Sp: 3, Speed Mult.: x3.5
Attributes: Steel , Hes: , MW:
Circles: 2
Resources: 6


  1. I’ve been paid so I WILL finish this job for Nagomi


  1. Nothing will happen to this ship
  2. Never turn down a chance to make good money
  3. What the boss wants, the boss gets

Human, Distortion Monkey (CO), Illegal Crucis (DT), Flyboy (Ch), Cool Headed (DT), Mercenary (Ch), Loyal to the Family (DT), Casually Violent (DT)
General Skills:
Assault Weapons 5, Helm 5
Required Skills:
Navigation 5, Pilot 6, Smuggling 6, Intimidation 3, Close Combat 5
Ship-wise 4, Anvil-wise 4, Hidden Compartment-wise 4

Affiliations: 2D The Family

Reputations: 1D Avin’s Second in Command

Relationships: Avin Tevison


  1. CEBW

Zhou Ban McGee

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