Harbinger's Rock

Chapter 14

Talos implement a facial recognition program to track Eunice in order to track Lawson. He then reported the results to Hammer Lord Quinn. Duke Frost then used the data to find out some information on Eunice. Frost found pictures of Eunice… two years lapsed…. and another girl is NOW Eunice.. there is a string of these.

The Hammer Lord goes to arrest Lawson with the end result of getting Eloise. Lawson was arrested at his office while he was packing up his gear. Hammer Lord Quinn goes to the apartment to rescue Eloise and finds the little girl in a technical box of goo. He picks up the box and leaves…. as a crowd observes. He finds a guard… one of his sister’s people.

Avin tried to find an Anvil person in order to bribe them into spying on the Anvil Lord Diana. The person he found was not very amenable so the bribe was MUCH more onerous.

Nagomi found and bribed Zhou into smuggling a box off the station for a while. The box contains a recuperating Diana.

Vox then tried to intimidate Lawson into spilling the beans. Avin, Talos, and the Hammer Lord all help… but Vox failed.

End of the maneuver.
Disposition: Vaylen 8 Players 5