Formerly Duke Frost's Mukhadish bodyguard - Now a Vaylen (see Bio below).


Lifepaths: Monstrosity; Leg-Breaker; Lifter; Pet; Born in Captivity

Age : 29

Will: 4 Perception: 2 Power: 8 Forte: 5 Agility: 4 Speed: 3
Reflexes: ___ Steel: 3 Hesitation: 6 Health: ___ Tax: N/A
Mortal Wounds: 12 Circles: 2 Resources: 0 Speed Mult.: ___
Superficial: 2 Light: 4 Midi: ___ Severe: ___ Traumatic: ___ Mortal: ___
  1. Ookla find Little Mistress.
  2. Ookla protect little ones.
  3. Boss Ookla friend; Ookla protect Boss.
  1. Never harm a Little One.
  2. Always have Dolly; Ookla give Dolly to Little Mistress; make Mistress smile at Ookla.
  3. If fight, break bones.
Obedient [Dt] Command +1D Advantage
Yes, Boss [Dt] Fate for saying, “Yes, Boss” to an odious task.
Freak [Dt] +2D Conspicuous/-2D Inconspicuous
Gentle [Char]
Tragic [Char]
Conspicuous 4 Intimidation 5
Backbreaking Labor 1 Close Combat 6
Extortion 3 Ugly Truth 4
Cooking (Gen) 1 Child Rearing (Gen) 2
Squad Support Weapons (Gen) 2
Bone-wise 1 Cage-wise 1
Dark Shattered Underbelly-wise 1
Mansion-wise 4 Master-wise 3
  • N/A
  • 1D Thug.

Clothing; Dolly


Kerrn Sword: Hand to Hand/Heavy (6); Pow: 8 +2 DoF Hand-to-Hand (Special Skill??)
Heavy Assault Gun: Intuitive/Heavy (4)


See Ookla (Vaylen)Ookla (Vaylen).

“Stay here. Block the door. I will be back shortly,” said Boss and the door closed behind him.

Ookla alone in the dark hallway. Ookla not like the dark. Ookla settle Big Gun on arm. Ookla take Dolly from his belt pouch. Rub Dolly yarn hair, that make Ookla feel better.

The Mukhadish stared down at the doll, its single button eye caught the light, winking at him…

“Aiieeee! Thank you, Daddy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” the little girl screamed. The girl clutched Dolly with excitement in her tiny hands.
“Are you big enough to take care of it?” asked the Man.
“I am six and a half. I am a big girl.”
“Yes you are, Honey. Promise me you will take care of it.”
“Oh Daddy, I promise. I promise.”
“ Very well," the man laughed, "Do you have a name?”
“Hmm,” she thought with a finger on her lips, “Oog..Oot..Ookla! Yes, that is it: ‘Ookla!”

The little girl threw her arms around Ookla’s neck. She suddenly stepped back.

“Ookla, I am you Mistress,” she said he her most commanding tone. It did not last. “We are going to have so much fun! Aiieee!”

Ookla go to tea party. Ookla learn bake brownies, paint claws. Little Mistess brush Ookla hair – Ookla like hair brush. Feel nice.

“Dear. Have you notice how big the Mukhadish is getting?” the Woman asked.
“Hmm?” the Man looked up from his tablet. “I have. Are you concerned?”
“I am afraid Ookla will hurt her…”
“It is very good with her…”
“I know, but I worry, it is getting so huge…”
“It will be fine.”
“Are you sure.”
“I promise,” said the Man. He kissed the Woman on her forehead.

Little Mistress asleep. Ookla at her feet. Ookla hear window open. Stranger climb into room. Move quick to Little Mistress. Stranger bent down.

Ookla sneaky, leap from pad and grab Stranger. Stranger fall on Little Mistress. She scream. Stranger get away. Jump out window. Bright lights. Little Mistress not move. Ookla scared. Ookla tried give Mistress Dolly. Dolly make Mistress smile. Mistress not awake.


“Bad Ookla!”
“Call a Doctor!”
“Get it out of here! I told you, you bastard! I told you…”

Ookla carry crate. Put crate here. Put crate there. Bad Ookla. Ookla get shock. Ookla miss Little Mistress…

“I need more time,” said Boss.
“You don’t have it,” said Angry Man.
“I can pay. I promise! I can give you something.”
“Name it. Name it.”

The Angry Man want Ookla. Ookla big, Ookla break bones easy.”

Ookla have new Boss. Boss not nice. Ookla not like hurt men. Ookla hurt mans, nobody yell at Ookla now. Nobody shock Ookla. Food good. Drink good. Drink make Ookla dizzy, not miss Little Mistress. Much.

All mans scared now. All mans say same things.

“In the name Ahmilahk! Please, no!” begged man.


“I can pay!” yell other man.


“Please don’t!”

All mans scared now. All mans say same things. But not Man with glowing eye.

Eye Man not scared. Eye Man different.

Ookla tell Eye Man go with Ookla.

“Or?” ask Eye Man.

“Ookla break Eye Man bones.”

“I doubt that my large friend.” Quite the contrary, my large friend, you will not touch me.

Ookla change mind. Ookla like Eye Man. Eye Man care about Ookla.

Come with me now , Ookla.

Eye Man talk to Boss. Boss go to sleep. Not wake up. Eye Man Boss now.

Ookla like Boss. Boss care about Ookla.

But, Ookla miss Little Mistress.

Ookla put Dolly back in pouch. Ookla wait for Boss.


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