Ookla (Vaylen)


Lifepaths: Monstrosity; Leg-Breaker; Lifter; Pet; Born in Captivity
Lifepaths (Vaylen): Sakti; Bhrigu; Vibhuuten Naiven

Age : 29

Fate: 1 Persona: 0 Deeds: 0
Will: 4 Perception: 2 Power: 8 Forte: 5 Agility: 4 Speed: 3
Reflexes: ___ Steel: 3 Hesitation: 6 Health: ___ Tax: N/A
Mortal Wounds: 12 Circles: 2 Resources: 4 Speed Mult.: ___
Superficial: 2 Light: 4 Midi: ___ Severe: ___ Traumatic: ___ Mortal: ___
  1. Protect the Queen.
  2. Find a human host and ditch this Shudren’s body.
  3. If discovered, go down fighting and take as many of them with me as possible.
  1. Never harm a child.
  2. If a human host is available, take it!
  3. Instinct 3
Obedient [Dt] Command +1D Advantage
Yes, Boss [Dt] Fate for saying, “Yes, Boss” to an odious task
Freak [Dt] +2D Conspicuous/-2D Inconspicuous
Gentle [Char]
Traits (Vaylen):
Vibhuuten Clan [Dt] 3D Reputation among all Vaylen
Ambitious [Char]
Obedient [Char]
Conspicuous 4 Intimidation 5
Backbreaking Labor 1 Close Combat 6
Extortion 3 Ugly Truth 4
Cooking (Gen) 1 Child Rearing (Gen) 2
Squad Support Weapons (Gen) 2
Bone-wise 1 Cage-wise 1
Dark Shattered Underbelly-wise 1
Mansion-wise 4 Master-wise 3
Skills (Vaylen):
Assault Weapons 2 Security 5
Sensors 5 Soldiering 4
  • N/A
  • 1D Thug.
  • 3D Reputation among all Vaylen.
  • 2D The Queen’s Lackey.

Clothing; Dolly


Kerrn Sword: Hand to Hand/Heavy (6); Pow: 8 +2 DoF Hand-to-Hand (Special Skill??)
Heavy Assault Gun: Intuitive/Heavy (4)


Duke Frost severed his connection with his friend and bodyguard Ookla to maximize his full mental assault on Philip Lawson. During that break, the Queen took Ookla for her own.

Babla was a Ksatriyen Vaylen soldier trying to ascend to fulfill his birthright as one of the Vibhuuten. He sees his assignment to take the body of the Mukhadish Ookla as a step toward his obtaining a human host and fulfilling his destiny as one of the Chosen.

Ookla (Vaylen)

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